Diverse. Fast-growing. Successful. Ambitious.

We are a FTSE 100 company operating across four divisions in over 40 businesses across 21 countries.

You might be asking yourself why you have not heard of DCC? Each of our businesses operates under its own brand and has a local senior management teams, and these are the brands that you may be familiar with. Our core values bind together all 15,000 colleagues across the DCC Group, and these define how we operate.

We are a diverse Group that offers a wide range of career paths to choose from, now and in the future. You’ll make a real impact in your roles and experience many challenges and learning opportunities throughout the programme.

We are growing rapidly and are constantly identifying new opportunities and acquiring new businesses. Our revenue last year was £17.7 billion, with an adjusted operating profit of £589.2 million and approximately £600 million committed to the continued growth and evolution of the Group.

What We Do

We specialise in providing international sales, marketing and business support services. What does this mean in real terms? Everything from marketing health and beauty products in Scandinavia to selling and distributing billions of litres of liquefied petroleum gas in Britain, France and Ireland. We operate across four different divisions: DCC Energy, DCC Healthcare and DCC Technology.

Our Values

DCC focuses on expansion into new geographies and cultures. Our Core Values, which are part of the Group’s DNA, will remain constant and they will bind us together.

These Core Values have developed over the last 40 years and have helped create a growth-focused and entrepreneurial culture that encourages and enables our people to develop their businesses. This represents a key competitive advantage for DCC.



For us, safety comes first


Our business is built on trust


We are stronger together


Driven to excel in everything we do





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DCC Energy

DCC Energy

Where there’s energy there’s us! DCC Energy employs 7,600 people across 13 countries. Our Energy businesses enable customers to heat their homes, manufacture products, transport logistics, and power their lives. These businesses are leading providers of energy today and aim to support customers and energy users on their transition to cleaner energy sources through customer centricity, choice of products and flexibility of operations.

Our strategy is to accelerate the net zero journey of our customers by leading the sales, marketing and distribution of low carbon energy solutions. This strategy is based on our deep understanding of our customers’ energy needs, our skills in delivering a broad range of solutions, and our ability to adapt as new energy solutions develop.

The DCC Energy division operates in two main sectors:

  • Energy Solutions: businesses that work closely with commercial and domestic customers to provide effective energy solutions.
  • Mobility: businesses that build and operate leading energy networks for road users. Our mobility business is a multi-fuel mobility network with over 1,175 retail sites, multi fuel HGV bunkering and mobility services including an extensive offering to fuel card customers across a number of markets.

Some of DCC Energy’s businesses

DCC Technology

DCC Technology

DCC Technology, which trades as Exertis, is a leading route-to-market and supply chain partner for global technology brands. Exertis provides a broad range of consumer and business technology products and services to retail and reseller customers in Europe.

Some of DCC Technology’s businesses

DCC Healthcare

DCC Healthcare

Our Healthcare division comprises DCC Vital and DCC Health & Beauty Solutions, with each focusing on different areas of the market.

DCC Vital markets and sells medical and pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers across all sectors of the healthcare market in the UK and Ireland. DCC Vital has a range of own and third party pharmaceutical and medical devices that it distributes to hospitals, pharmacies, GPs and other healthcare providers in Britain and Ireland.

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions builds long-term partnerships with international brand owners, providing specialist services including product development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging.

Some of DCC Healthcare’s businesses