How do you accelerate your future?

We’ll support you as you develop in each of your roles over the two-year programme, but you will play the leading part in your success.

We asked some of our existing graduates to describe the projects they have worked on, their experiences, and how their drive determined their success.

Adam Brown

Business IT Scheme | Certas Energy UK (Warrington, Falkirk), Exertis UK (Burnley)

The programme is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, take on responsibility and discover your future career. The group is flexible enough to offer space to develop your career interests – and DCC is continuing to expand around the world, which is only going to increase the range of opportunities on offer to graduates in the future.

What I discovered through my placements was that I really enjoyed working on projects. On my first placement, I focused on project managing the integration of Certas Energy UK’s largest acquisition. I also took responsibility for a large number of internal business improvement projects. For my second placement, at Exertis UK, I worked alongside a development team, helping them design, develop and test solutions for digitalising key business processes.

While I was on the programme, I got sponsorship to complete a project management qualification. This helped me secure a permanent role as a Project Manager for Certas Energy UK at the end of the scheme.

I am now working as a Project Manager for DCC plc, where I’ve contributed to acquisitions in Hong Kong and Macau and the US, as well as supporting our European businesses transition to the cloud.

Gina Jiang

Business Management Scheme | DCC Vital (Dublin), DSG Energy (Hong Kong)

I have accelerated my career further than I thought was possible in just two years. During my time on the programme, I have worked in two different industries, experienced life in two countries, and secured a permanent role that I truly enjoy.

As soon as I joined, I was instantly involved in projects and made to feel one of the team. During my first placement alone, I saw two acquisition projects through to completion, helped create and launch a new company website, and had sole responsibility for creating market analysis reports that were immediately used to support our development projects.

My second placement took me to Hong Kong where I built a market visibility study that was presented to the Group CEO. It was a hugely challenging yet exciting project! Before moving out there, DCC supported me in learning a third language (Cantonese), which came in very handy at a two-day conference I attended, where I was able to act as a translator for a divisional MD and some of our external contacts.

At the end of the programme, I was able to secure my ideal permanent role. I am now working as a Business Development Executive with DSG Energy, responsible for supporting, implementing and facilitating a wide range of business development projects.

Judy Makin

Logistics Scheme | Flogas Britain (Syston), DCC Vital (Dublin)

My placements provided me with two very contrasting experiences of life at DCC. The first gave me a great grounding in using data to drive business decisions while the second exposed me to day-to-day operations, team management and acquisition-related project work. Being able to compare and combine these experiences gave me a much clearer idea of how I wanted my career to progress.

Since leaving the programme, I have been working in the healthcare division of DCC Vital. I’ve been a Project Manager, Operations Manager, Business Development Manager and Group Acquisition Project Manager. I was recently promoted to General Manager of SP Services (UK) Ltd, a DCC Vital business that supplies first aid and medical equipment.

There are many opportunities for learning and development here. The formal training I have received in people management, commercial awareness and finance has shaped my understanding of business and helped me to be more effective in my roles to date.

My experience is that you get as much out of the graduate programme as you put in. At the same time, there is support at many layers to ensure you deliver results, develop professionally, and find a place in the business long term.

Charlotte Caspers

Marketing Scheme | Fuel Card Services (Oxford), Butagaz (Paris)

If you’re an ambitious graduate who wants responsibility from day one, then this programme is for you. You will have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in different business sectors and countries – and the support system that DCC puts in place encourages you to tap into your full potential and grow swiftly on a professional and personal level.

I have enjoyed lots of different learning opportunities during my time on the programme. This includes being sponsored to study the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing qualification, as well as taking part in Photoshop and HTML5 courses, which have enabled me to take on challenging new projects at work. I was also offered one-to-one French lessons to help me prepare for my second placement in Paris.

While working in Paris, I was able to collaborate with well-known international agencies. We worked together on creating marketing campaigns for Butagaz, a French DCC LPG business. It was an amazing opportunity to fully expose myself to another culture and become fluent in the language.

At the end of the programme, I was invited to stay on in my Paris role… but with added responsibilities. These include a divisional project across DCC’s LPG businesses – a really exciting assignment for me to take on.

John Byrne

Sales Scheme | Certas Energy (Newport, Bristol)

The direct impact you have on the business is visible from early on. In my time on the DCC graduate programme, I have worked in two sales teams across two different regions – first as a domestic sales negotiator and then as customer account manager for commercial sales. Both roles enabled me to have a real impact on the commercial success of the region and of the business as a whole.

Throughout the programme, I was able to take on projects alongside my day-to-day role. One project involved conducting market research, which gave me great exposure to senior management. Another involved diversifying the product portfolio for all clients of each sales team across the region.

Anyone who is looking to travel should consider a career with DCC. There are opportunities available across Europe, North America and Asia. You will also have the chance to travel domestically once you’re placed in a given country and role – I have visited five different offices in four different cities while I’ve been working here in the UK.

The support is excellent too. If ever I have needed anything, the graduate support team have been only a phone call or email away. And I am always able to call on my graduate coach or buddy when I need them. They have really helped me develop, both personally and professionally.